Online Course : Phlebotomy – English


Language : English
Duration : 1h 30min
Presentation : 3 Chapters

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Program Phlebotomy Course :

Learn how to do your own phlebotomy for PRF preparation


In wound healing, PRF, since the first scientific article in 2001 (Choukroun), aroused a growing interest among dental surgeons. 
PRF induces a faster healing of both soft and hard tissues
(more than 1500 publications).
However, this technique requires un blood drawing, directly in the dental office. This blood will be centrifuged to obtain different types of PRF.
This course is divided in 3 chapters.The first one describes the anatomy of the different puncture sites, the necessary equipment and the timing importance in PRF-aimed phlebotomy.
The step by step technic of our venipuncture protocol is detailed in the second chapter.
Tricky situations, tricks and their solutions are also reviewed in details.
The last chapter gathers several phlebotomy videos.
These venipunctures have been performed by dental surgeons, for the first time ever, just after attending the course.
These procedures will be analyzed and commented to review once again what to do and wich mistakes to avoid during phlebotomy

FAQ and advices are provided all along this course, to allow you to approach calmly phlebotomy in the dental office.

Course outlines :

  • Chapitre 01. PRF : Anatomy, equipment and timing _________________________________________________   Durée: 25min
  • Chapitre 02. PRF : Step-by-step technique, tricky situations and contra-indications_________________________ Durée: 31 min
  • Chapitre 03. Phlebotomy videos & analysis ________________________________________________________ Durée: 28 min

  • Included with course purchase:– 2nd viewing available within 30 days.
    – Free updates (they will be sent directly via an e-mail link)
    – Assistance from Dr. Choukroun