Created in 2001 by the inventor of the PRF, Dr. Joseph CHOUKROUN, the company PROCESS FOR PRF SARL is the world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of medical devices used for the production of PRF.

PROCESS FOR PRF has a unique expertise in design and manufacture of high quality medical devices for cellular therapies and the preparation of PRF fibrin rich in platelets.

PROCESS FOR PRF manufactures medical devices adapted to the specific needs of each medical specialty where the PRF is used.
Thus, patients can expect very good results in dental surgery, sports-related injuries, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, aesthetic medicine and dermatology.
There are many international publications available on the web that confirm the effectiveness of the invention of Dr. Joseph CHOUKROUN.

Thanks to the inventor of the PRF, Dr. Joseph CHOUKROUN, the PRF is recognized throughout the world.
Every year Dr. CHOUKROUN trains thousands of practitioners in the use of the PRF all over the world. Clinical outcomes in all treated patients confirm the efficacy of the PRF.